Want more free beer?
Check out our referral system!

When you participate in the financing of The Binch Factory you not only receive super profitable rewards but also have the opportunity to earn even more!
After donating you will receive a referral code to distribute to all your friends.

Your friends just have to put your code in the '' referral '' section when they participate in the crowdfunding and here you are! you fill your beer tank that you are going to drink from the opening date, and of course it works with any amount!

Each buddy you bring back is 33cl, the equivalent of one beer, added in your tank!
With 3 people it is already 1 liter harvested! The more you collect beer, the more you will serve yourself and your friends without paying!

Still thirsty?

Every week the person who has the most filled tank and thus brought back the most friends receives a tasting pack La Nébuleuse in the week. A good reason to be first in the leader board, in addition to the glory! So, keep an eye on your place in the board and share your referral code as much as possible to be the first!

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